Pennsylvania Dutch Ham “Popeye”

Growing up in Central PA with a Pennsylvania Dutch Grand-mother whose family name was Yingling, and a Mother who made lots of inventions with second day dinners, we have a dish using leftover ham and homemade noodles my Mom always referred to as "Popeye." From what I gather, the original PA Dutch name is "botboi" or pot pie. How it came to be re-named "popeye" in my family is a mystery, and quite … [Read more...]

Wild Boar Ham

I love wild boar ham! It has a salty flavor just like domestic ham, but it also gives off a slight scent of eucalyptus. The meat is a beautiful deep pink, almost on the verge of red. I served it simply, with a side of peas and mashed potatoes, because a ham like this needs humble sides so it can take center stage! I actually wasn't sure about baking this ham. I had come across it in the very … [Read more...]