Cocoa Chile Spice Rubbed Antelope and Whitetail Eye of Rounds with a Raisin Demi-glace and Smoked Corn Sauce, Cheddar Mashed Potatoes

A simple dry rub with black cocoa and chile powder coat antelope or venison eye of rounds, and after a quick grill, served with a jalapeño raisin demi-glace, smoked corn sauce and yummy tangy cheddar mashed potatoes.  The demi-glace, and smoked corn sauce can be made the day ahead, and just reheated while the meat is grilled.    … [Read more...]

Danny’s Brownie Obsession

Danny has a brownie obsession.  If he had his way, brownies would be a food group. Making brownies from scratch isn't too difficult, but sometimes I'm just too busy to spend time making homemade brownie batter, from-scratch caramel, and chocolate ganache.  So I had a Sandra Lee moment and made up a semi-homemade brownie for him to enjoy when my time is limited.  So this is a step by … [Read more...]