Breaking it Down: The Venison Hind Quarter

Breaking it Down: The Venison Hind Quarter -  When Bobbie Jo makes a venison recipe and mentions cuts like “Eye of Round” or “Top Sirloin” where do these cuts come from on a deer? These and many other cuts are from its hind leg, also called the hind quarter.  In this post I’ll show where the major cuts of meat come from on the deer but focus on the hind quarter since it can be … [Read more...]

Tag Application Season – Wyoming

Tag Application Season-Wyoming: With the fall and winter hunting seasons over, it’s now “tag application season” for next year’s hunts, especially for most western states. In fact, even now it’s too late to apply for some species tags. For instance, in Wyoming the last date to apply for elk was January 31st so it’s a good thing I wasn’t planning to go after elk there next fall. What I am … [Read more...]

Deep Freeze Deer

By Dan Wasilko I recently got back from a muzzleloader whitetail deer hunt in our hometown in Pennsylvania. This is my favorite deer hunt and one that I’ve been doing nearly every year for the past 30 years. I really got in to it when I was in college because the season starts the day after Christmas during the semester break. Since then, I’ve managed to schedule vacation for this hunt during … [Read more...]

He Hunts Blog – Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my “He Hunts” blog and thanks for reading. In this blog I’ll be telling stories of my hunts, writing about various hunting and wildlife related topics, and especially how Bobbie Jo and I bring wild game from field to fork. For the recipes and cooking details for wild game, read Bobbie Jo’s “She Cooks” blog and visit the recipes section of ourwebsite. I have always wanted to write … [Read more...]